For over 36 years, Prescott Audubon Society (PAS) has represented Yavapai and Mohave Counties as an official Chapter of the National Audubon Society.

      As a totally volunteer, non-profit organization this has been made possible, because of the vast number of individuals who have donated their time, talents and passion to the Audubon mission through their art and photos.  Without them, there would be no Prescott Audubon Society, and certainly no website!

     The following is our modest way of showing appreciation for the generosity and dedication these special individuals have provided us in the past, much of which is still an active part of PAS today.


Wood Duck Logo
Diane Iverson, Illustrator

Bridled Titmouse Note Card Design
Micah Riegner, Field Trip Coordinator


Panoramic Home Page Photos
Ed Wright, Photographer

Watson Lake
Art Manburg, Raffle Coordinator

Ed Wright, NAS Member & Photographer

IBA/GOGII Dedication Photos
Harry Allen, Member
Walt Anderson, Naturalist & Photographer
Fred & Betsy Arndt, Director
Art Manburg, Raffle Coordinator

Tri-City Science Fair Photos
Kati Anderson, Science Fair Coordinator

September 27, 2012, Live Reptile Meeting Photos
Pamela Hanover, Membership Committee

Numerous Nature Photo and Society Function Photos
Pam Hanover, Membership Committee
Art & Delores Manburg, Member
David D. Moll, Wingtips Editor
Bryan Patrick, Birder
Jerry & Corinne Shaw, Members
Bob & Maxine Tinney, Members
John West, Member
Kenny Wilkins, USG&FD

December 6, 2012
34th Annual PAS Potluck & Volunteer Recognition Dinner
Pam Hanover, Membership Committee
David D. Moll, Wingtips Editor


Attracting Backyard Birds Reference Guide
Bob and Maxine Tinney, Members

Checklist of the Birds of Yavapai County
Bryan Patrick, PAS Contributor

Prescott Area Birding Trails: A Self-guided Tour
Sue Drown, Board of Directors