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Please contact the trip leader so they know you are going on a particular trip.
This DOES NOT apply to bird walks at the Highlands Center.
Weather, road or trail conditions or flooding may cause cancellations.

The following tips are offered to enhance your birding field trip experience:

  • Stay behind the leader
  • Wear neutral clothing
  • Bring water, food & sun screen
  • Avoid loud noises including slamming of car doors
  • Don’t forget binoculars!

Participation in Prescott Audubon Society (PAS) field trips is voluntary; any injury or illness while on an outing is the responsibility of the participant. Food, drink and other items are not provided by PAS.

Car pooling is done so fewer vehicles are driven. PAS assumes no liability for accidents, injuries, damage to vehicles or loss of property while on field trips.

Suggested compensation for drivers of private vehicles is .20¢ per mile round trip, the total divided among the passengers. This compensation is meant to cover vehicle depreciation, routine maintenance, as well as gasoline.