by Doug Iverson
May 5 – 8, 2017

 Prescott Audubon Society’s Annual Fundraising Birdathon


Here are current results as of June 18, 2017 provided by Laura Rhoden.

Team                                        Total Species             Funds raised

Monday Ladies                                          63                         $1,350

Mohave County Chicka-Dee-Dees           81                           1,020

Team Jay’s Bird Barn                              127                              280

Prescott Junior Audubon Nature Club    17                              187

Sullivan Count                                          111                                85

Team Tomoff                                             106                                22

                                                                   ___                            ____ 

Total                                                           174                         $2,944

NOTE: The Total Species is not the sum of the Species column, there is overlap amongst the teams.

     Prescott Audubon Society’s Annual Birdathon, held on or about the first weekend in May, is our major fundraiser for the chapter’s education efforts. Monies raised fund our $1,000.00 annual scholarship for a continuing college student who intends to pursue his or her passion for studies in areas of conservation and/or ecology. We also fund Audubon Adventures, National Audubon’s elementary school curriculum for local classrooms. We provided these materials for 22 local classrooms during the 2015-2016 school year.
      Teachers utilize this material for their science lessons. In addition, these funds pay for awards at the Northern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at Tri-City College Prep School here in Prescott where there were five deserving winners this year. Those in attendance at the March chapter meeting were able to view the fine work of these aspiring students.
      We also help with the Prescott Junior Audubon Nature Club(s) at Abia Judd Elementary School, having provided field guides and binoculars with help from Eric Moore at Jay’s Bird Barn. Students in these clubs will field a team for the Birdathon.
      You may contribute a pre-determined amount, or an amount per bird species seen by a particular team, and contributions may be in the name of a particular team or for the birdathon in general. To date, the Monday Women’s Birders raise the largest amount with the Chick-a-Dee Dees gaining steadily.
      Each team must stay within its county (Mojave or Yavapai) and must complete its count within 24 hours. Some team members are in the field from pre-dawn until after dark, and totals may reach around 130-140 species.
      This year we will have five teams in the field:
          (1) The Monday Lady Birders,
          (2) the Chick-a-DeeDees along the Colorado river in Mojave County (led by board       member DeeDee DeLorenzo),
          (3) the Sullivan team of long-standing led by Russell Duerksen,
          (4) a team of elementary school students from our Junior Audubon Nature Club at Abia Judd Elementary School led by their teacher (Sue Lord) and PAS board member           Laura Rhoden, and
          (5) a new and formidable team made up of the staff at Jay’s Bird Barn.
      We will have a follow-up article in the June/July/August Wingtips with results for each team and a specific tally for the number of bird species found in our Chapter area over one Spring weekend as well as details on any unusual species tallied.
      Many of the species tallies on Birdathons, Christmas Bird Counts and The Great Back Yard Bird Count are now recorded on eBird and constitute citizen science helpful to professional ornithologists in determining the relative abundance and health of bird populations as many species face the challenges of habitat loss and climate change.
      A contribution in an amount of your choice may be given to Laura Rhoden, Treasurer, at any upcoming meeting, or you can mail a contribution to Prescott Audubon Society, attention Treasurer, P. O. Box 4156, Prescott, Az. 86302.
      If you have any questions you may contact Doug Iverson at (928) 899-5609, or by email at moc.liamgnull@nosrevisalguodnotla. You may contact DeeDee DeLorenzo at (928) 758-2707 or moc.oohaynull@ozneroledeedeed, or any of the Monday Lady Birders.

Thanks for caring,
Doug Iverson
Birdathon Coordinator