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Pyrrhuloxia almost lets himself be pet, and then, if he doesn’t get a hand full of bird seed, look out, you get pecked. The peck was more of an affectionate one, however. This is the 3rd part of this series as the Pyrrhuloxia bird becomes more tame, at his own pace. Terlingua, Texas, in Big Bend, this is the Desert Cardinal.
Pyrrhuloxia, part 2, peers through window and asks to be fed, then eats from hand.
Pyrrhuloxia demands breakfast and then eats from hand-held dish. Part 1 of3 videos. The Pyrrhuloxia is a Desert Cardinal that is common in the Big Bend. This male pyrrhuloxia is in Terlingua Texas, close to the Big Bend National Park border.
Macaulay Library Curator, Greg Budney, talks about the brilliant song of the Northern Cardinal.