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Broad-winged Hawk eating a fresh kill of a Gray Squirrel. This was filmed on Halloween 10-31-2012 I have tons more footage of this Hawk so please drop a comment if you want more.If you would like to learn more about this hawk here is the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broad-winged_Hawk
Chris Packham puts a northern goshawk through its paces in the lab.
The Common Black Hawks near and at their nest at Sunflower, Arizona
Most hawks do their hunting alone. But not the Harris’s hawk. It prefers to hunt in a group, and it can be deadly, even for a speedy jackrabbit.
A nesting pair of Zone-tailed Hawks along Sycamore Creek at Bushnell Tank, Arizona, 15 Jun 2007. There’s also a Cassin’s Kingbird calling. The voices in the background are those of Darcy
The rough-legged hawk is a very rare visitor to southern Arizona. Sulphur Springs Valley Near Kansas Settlement
A Red Tailed Hawk eats, calls and plays in the middle of New York City, in Central Park. Filmed August 11, 2007.
[Update Dec. 2011: Thank you to all you smart birders who identified this fellow as a Coopers Hawk. My title originally¬† said “Sharp-shinned Hawk” for a year, but I’ve just corrected it to “Coopers Hawk”.
Red Shouldered Hawk Hunting
Red-tailed Hawk Harlan’s Young Dark Morph perched along Kootenay River Road near Creston, B.C.
Beautiful slow motion video.