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Mississippi Kite, Iclinia mississippiensis eating a chimney Swift and calling its mate to come in to try to take a share but is rebuffed.
A pair of these wonderful birds have recently been hunting at Lake Claremont, where they appear to find plenty of mice. One can see the blood from a recent meal on this fellow’s toes. Competing with the wind noise, one can hear the calls of Magpie-larks and Red Wattlebirds. Taken with my Panasonic GF1 coupled to the Swarovski ATS65HD.
White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) * Family: Accipitridae, * Genus: Elanus, * Species: E. leucurus, * Class: Aves, * Order: Accipitriformes, * Type: Bird, * Diet: Carnivore, * Average lifespan in the wild: Up to 8 to 10 years. * Size: 14 – 17 inches (3-foot wingspan), * Weight: 9 – 10 1/2 ounces. ** The White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) is an elanid kite found in western North America and parts of South America.
Meet Our Birds: White-tailed Kite