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Uploaded on Jan 11, 2011 Looks like a Purple Gallinule (Porphyrula martinica). Shot in Shark Valley-ENP (Jan 2011) using a Sanyo full HD Xacti 10MP Dual Cam (out of the box). Sky overcast, no tripod, default settings, beginner. Category Travel & Events License Standard YouTube License
Sora ( Porzana carolina ) feeding in Air Station Prairie Glenview Illinois. Video taken on 9-13-2010.
These interesting birds look like a duck, walk like a duck, and sort of quack like them too, but they are actually “Coots”; brown and black water birds with bright white bills
Says Naturalist Linda, “Virginia Rails are listed as a Species of Concern in Ohio, so it’s awesome that Frohring Meadows provides an inland migratory stop-over and/or a potential nesting area for these secretive wetland birds. They are much more easily heard than seen, though I was able to catch this one on video after waiting about 45 minutes.”