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A red-headed sapsucker woodpecker Latin name ”sephyrapicus varius” Drill’s holes in mainly birch trees or orchard trees, and then feeds on the sap from the tree and also the insects that are caught in the sap.
Two female Northern(yellow-shafted) Flickers interacting.
This Lewis’s Woodpecker was seen in Goleta, California harvesting acorns that Acorn Woodpeckers had placed previously. Such a pretty bird.
I was alerted by a continuous chirping coming from a dead Saguaro cactus stump. As I watched from a distance a pair of Gila woodpeckers flew in to feed the young.
These two sapsuckers-one male and one female-were found at least a half mile apart during the same walk on Fort Huachuca near Sierra Vista AZ.
Red-Naped Sapsucker looking for Insects in an Aspen Tree.
A common resident of western forests, the Red-breasted Sapsucker adds color to the surroundings.
Northern Flicker is a very cautious and alert bird.