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Common Gallinule (Gallinula galeata) – By: Mark H. Vance – Be sure to check out all of Mark’s bird videos at http://www.youtube.com/markinsrq5 Please subscribe if you like birds, many more great videos to come! Thanks
I took these video snippets of several Costa’s hummingbirds for several days around 1-05-2011 in an RV park near Palm Springs, CA. There may be an immature male and a female in here, along with 1 or more mature males.
Vesper sparrow at Andrew Molera, Bluff trail 10/29/11.
This Baltimore Oriole has been hanging out in my yard early in the morning for breakfast. They are very elusive. If you venture into the yard they disappear quickly. I have seen the female eating my grapes, figs and strangely they seem to like the base of the trumpet flower that they tear off the flower to get at. Perhaps there is nectar at the inside base of the trumpet flower?
Pyrrhuloxia almost lets himself be pet, and then, if he doesn’t get a hand full of bird seed, look out, you get pecked. The peck was more of an affectionate one, however. This is the 3rd part of this series as the Pyrrhuloxia bird becomes more tame, at his own pace. Terlingua, Texas, in Big Bend, this is the Desert Cardinal.
Pyrrhuloxia, part 2, peers through window and asks to be fed, then eats from hand.
Pyrrhuloxia demands breakfast and then eats from hand-held dish. Part 1 of3 videos. The Pyrrhuloxia is a Desert Cardinal that is common in the Big Bend. This male pyrrhuloxia is in Terlingua Texas, close to the Big Bend National Park border.
I used the Canon Mark IV with the Canon 800mm lens on a tripod with the Rode Stereo mic.
Viva la Verde! Running diagonally across central Arizona, the Verde River provides a ribbon of life through the harsh desert to form an important and rare ecosystem. Man has made use of the river for hundreds of years but today unrestricted groundwater mining threatens the Verde’s future. Will citizens accept their role as stewards of this emerging national treasure before it’s too late? Filmmaker Hugh Denno explores this question in Viva la Verde!, a film that will empower the viewer to take action to ensure the Verde River has a long and healthy future.
Adults have a grey-brown back and wings, a white belly, and a white breast with one black neckband. They have a brown cap, a white forehead, a black mask around the eyes and a short orange and black bill. Their breeding habitat is open ground on beaches or flats across northern Canada and Alaska. They nest on the ground in an open area with little or no plant growth. They are migratory and winter in coastal areas ranging from the United States to Patagonia. They are extremely rare vagrants to western Europe, although their true status may be obscured by [More]
Published on Mar 19, 2013 Marbled Godwitt hunting ants in a lawn on the breakwater, Mission Bay Park, San Diego CA.
Wilson’s Snipe singing on territory in Wyoming.
Another juvenile Lesser Yellowlegs. This time at the picturesque village of St Clement near Truro. Two individuals of this elegant North American wader now reside in Cornwall. This one and another still at Drift Reservoir. Quite a turn up for the county.  Sorry about the bells!
Clive Hurford found this juvenile Baird’s Sandpiper at West Angle Beach on the morning of 20/8/12. Since then if has been enjoyed by many grateful birders who have made the trip to this rather remote, albeit stunning location, just to see it. Typically, many Nearctic waders are confiding and will allow careful approach by humans, and this bird is no different. Indeed on many occasions I found it to be approaching me. I spent about 3 hours watching this bird, during wide ranging weather conditions, yesterday. It fed very well and despite it’s almost cavalier attitude to the dangers presented [More]
Sora ( Porzana carolina ) feeding in Air Station Prairie Glenview Illinois. Video taken on 9-13-2010.
Catching and Eating Tilapia at Ka’elepulu Wetlands, Oahu
A brilliant adult male Hooded Oriole perched on a branch with audible “wheet” and “chatter” calls. Location is Southern California in April 2012.
Svarttärna. Putsar fjädrarna. Fläcksjön i Västmanland 5-Juli 2012, Black Tern in Sweden, AROS FILM Fotograf: Gunnar Fernqvist.
Meet the Indigo Bunting through images and video.
A Lark Sparrow found by Chris Sheirdan on Sat. 11-13-10 at Hampton Beach State Park, NH was still being seen today 11-15-10 just north of the entrance as it foraged close to the road with several Song Sparrows and lots of House Sparrows.