This morning you probably stepped into your shower and were rewarded with a clean, ample supply of water to prepare you for the challenges of the day.  What a wonderful world we live in!

What would your day be like if there had been no water?  What if your toilet didn’t flush or your dog brought you his empty water bowl and you couldn’t fill it?  Many organizations and individuals are concerned about the possibility of these scenarios really happening… and not that far into the future.

While some worry about too much water, floods, landslides, and other water generated crisis, we live in an area where the potential for water shortages is a real possibility.  Sound stewardship and conservation of our water resources is often talk about, and hopefully more individuals are taking the issue seriously and are practicing responsible and conservative water usage.

The purpose of this webpage to provide links to water related issues, individuals and organizations that focus on the future water challenges we face.

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A special thanks to the Monte Vista Water District, Montclair, CA for the use of their award winning conservation logo, “Watch the Water”.

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