What's the Word, Bird? 

News & Updates

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What have we been up to lately?  Click for details. 

Bird of the Month

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Ryan Crouse shares his monthly essay about a bird species of interest in our region. 

Injured Bird: Where to go???

OnTheFeeder Wildlife Rehab

No, we don't have many bird rehab sites in the Prescott Area.  But, we found this nice link to what is available.  Click the link above. 

Baby Bird Found: What to Do?

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A Springtime Concern: Finding a Baby Bird. Some guidance to help. And thanks for caring!

Nesting Bird Distraction Displays

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Are you getting too close to a nest site?  Read more here to learn the signs.  And remember, too, that coyotes will follow your scent right to a nest, so best not to get too close! 

Pinyon Jays Need Our Help! 

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The AZ Game & Fish folks are looking for volunteers to report Pinyon Jay sighting in our area.  We think it's a fine excuse to get out exploring! 

Dark Skies

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Across our nation, lights at night can harm migrating birds.  Learn more about what we can do right here at home.  

Our Favorite Bird Opera!  

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No better music to a birder's ears.