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Hassayampa Mineral Withdrawal Public Meeting

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
6:00-7:00 PM
Founders Suite, downstairs at the Prescott Public Library, 215 East Goodwin Street, Prescott, AZ 86303

The Bureau of Land Management will hold a public meeting for the Prescott National Forest’s withdrawal application for 3,739 acres of National Forest lands along the Hassayampa River, south of Prescott. The Forest Service is proposing to withdraw these lands from location and entry under the U.S. mining laws, and from leasing under the mineral and geothermal leasing laws, for a 20-year term, subject to valid existing rights. The purpose of the requested withdrawal is to protect the Hassayampa River riparian corridor, located in Yavapai County, Arizona, from potential adverse impacts from mining and mineral or geothermal development activities.

The Hassayampa is second to the Verde River in the importance of its riparian area to the wildlife, water quality, and water-based recreation on the Prescott National Forest. The segment under consideration runs from the old Senator Mine downstream to Copper Creek and includes portions of Wolf Creek, Groom Creek, Indian Creek, and other important tributaries.

You are encouraged to attend the meeting and voice your strong support for the implementation of the 20-year withdrawal. The proposed withdrawal coincides with the recent acquisition of approximately 1,300 acres of upper Hassayampa watershed deeded land and mining claims by foreign entities intent on developing a massive open pit mine. This is your opportunity to help protect the Hassayampa’s polished granite swimming holes and stunning riparian habitat. A description of the proposed withdrawal was published in the Federal Register on June 6, 2023, which is available at: https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2023-11998. Written comments may be submitted at the meeting. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

What's This Duck?
Hybrid Teal on Watson Lake

Sometimes we humans need to categorize things, and birds are our favorite subject here at PAS. We know the teal by species –Blue-winged , Cinnamon, and Northern Shoveler, all in the genus Spatula. (Green-wing Teal is in the genus Anas) . But birds occasionally disregard our human-made categories and stray a bit. Gulls, hummers and ducks, in particular, come to mind. Doug Iverson captured a striking example of teal hybridization in these photos he took on Watson Lake recently. What do you think? Shoveler/Blue-winged? Shoveler/Blue-winged/Cinnamon? Did Green-wing get in the mix? Stay tuned while we search for some answers from the experts. 

Read the Results of Our 2023 Cuckoo Surveys on the
Upper Verde River

Our surveys are essential for the protection of Yellow-billed Cuckoo, considered to be a threatened species by Federal and State wildlife managers alike.  Our data helps wildlife managers to protect this sensitive habitat along the Verde.  

Just in - a summary of our 2023 Cuckoo surveys!

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Scholarship  News! 

 It's Scholarship Application time! 
Beginning October 1, we are accepting applications from college-level students who could use some financial support. 
Know a student who might qualify? Let them know for this year's  scholarship!

Every year,  in the autumn, Prescott Audubon sponsors a $1000 college scholarship. For applicant requirements and for details on how applications are evaluated, click the link below. 

Bird of the Month :
Gambel's Quail

Each month, we publish an article in a local magazine, "5enses" .  We share these articles here on our website.  

Just FYI !

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Limited Public Access to The City of Prescott Airport Water Reclamation Facility (Recharge Ponds)

As of October 16, 2023, public access to the Recharge Ponds is limited to individuals who have signed a Waiver and have obtained a Keycard from the City of Prescott. The Keycard allows access to the Recharge Ponds seven days a week from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. Please find more information about the access, Keycard and Waiver here in this PDF file. To obtain your Keycard, please make an appointment with the City of Prescott Financial & Business Operations Manager, Public Works, by calling 928-777-1130 ext: 5003, or by emailing [email protected].

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Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owls

To reuse is to recycle!  In 2020, we built some hack boxes for our American Kestrel Nestbox and Release Program.  Now they will help the Pygmy Owls.

Hack boxes provide a safe place for fledgling raptors to roost as well as a place to learn to fly and hunt before being released into the wild.  We no longer need our boxes for the kestrels, so we are donating them the the AZ Game & Fish Dept.  They will head to southern Arizona to assist the AZGFD with their efforts to help the tiny Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owls.  Yeah!

Yes, Administration is Important, too--

Join our Team!  We Welcome You (and your skills)

All-volunteer organizations such as Prescott Audubon survive thanks to help from all who believe in the organization's mission.   At PAS, our focus is on celebrating birds and the habitat we share.  We want to thank our officers and board members for their efforts to keep this busy & multi-dimensional team that is Prescott Audubon somewhat organized and heading in the right direction. 
All the board members share all the tasks for steering this little ship, and we owe them a big debt of gratitude.   But it take more than the officers.  If you are organized, an artist, a media or IT person, a retired attorney, a bird-lover, a writer--- You get the idea --we welcome your help and we are always happy to meet new members, so don't be shy! 

What would you like to do for Prescott Audubon?

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Kestrel Nestbox Program

American Kestrels are on the decline, and limited nesting sites are part of that declline.  We have had great success with our American Kestrel nestbox installations, and the 2022 nesting season is no exception.  If you happen upon a Kestrel with legband(s), please report your sighting and location to [email protected].  

Granite Creek Clean-up

Once again, our PAS team joined in the annual Prescott Creeks Clean-up!

Prescott Audubon was not only a financial supporter of the 2022 and 2023 Granite Creek Clean-ups, but also a few members were able to get out and pick up some trash! The Prescott Audubon Society (PAS) team joined up with another team to clean up the middle section of Miller Creek. The teams trekked about two miles, mostly along the edge of the creek. It was cool and surprisingly beautiful at the water’s edge. Birdsong and glimpses of birds helped make the morning fly by. The teams collected lots of plastic, paper and cardboard, lumber, pipe, and one tire for a total of 8 bags of trash. Meeting and making friends with other like-minded people was a bonus!