Sharon Arnold

Ever ready with her binoculars, Sharon Arnold, our conservation chair, is on the lookout for ways Prescott Audubon Society can make a difference in habitat preservation. Our focus is understanding and taking action for the protection needs of our Important Bird Areas: Upper Verde River State Wildlife Area IBA and Watson and Willow Lakes Ecosystem IBA. PAS participates in the annual Granite Creek Clean Up and Earth Day. We support Friends of the Verde River and Prescott Creeks. 

Sue D

For over 30 years, Sue has been an active part of the Audubon community.  With her background in nonprofit accounting, she has designed the reporting systems and managed tax compliance for two Audubon Chapters.  Sue also acted as board treasurer for HawkWatch International.  Recently, she's been working with Prescott City on bird habitat improvement projects.

Jo Glaves

Jo’s spark bird was a Mississippi Kite observed while she was floating in the neighborhood swimming pool. A used Peterson’s “Field Guide to the Birds of Texas”, binoculars and volunteering at Houston Audubon led to a new hobby. Most of her Houston Audubon volunteer time involved working with children at the Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary. Jo’s other love is plants, especially native plants. She volunteers at the Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Help Desk attempting to answer the public’s plant queries. She spends a lot of time in the yard pulling weeds and being distracted by birdsong.

Christina G

Christina is an Environmental Scientist in Bagdad and joined Prescott Audubon in 2021. She loves spending time hiking with her dogs.  Her favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher.  In addition to her science expertise, Christina manages much of our social media, communication, and outreach.  

Maria Icenogle

Maria feels fortunate to have called Prescott home for over a decade. As a wildlife biologist and environmental educator, she loves the outdoors and helping folks connect to nature in a meaningful way. Maria joined the PAS board in 2018, and has served as its secretary since 2020. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, and volunteering on trails at Grand Canyon National Park. Some of Maria's favorite sounds include the call of the loon and the song of the Canyon Wren.

Sandy Klinikowski

Sandy’s love of birding began over 20 years ago while watching little brown and red birds on the feeder outside her living room window. Fascinated by their beauty and behavior she enrolled in a beginning birder class at Yavapai College. Birding added a special connection to nature for Sandy and her love for the outdoors. She also enjoys hiking, camping, scuba diving, and traveling. She continues to work part time as an RN. With an MBA and background in nursing leadership.  Sandy believes she has the right skills to serve as PAS Treasurer.

Susan Noonan

Sue has flown in to guide our field trips team and to aid in our community networking.  Here's what she says:  "I’ve been casually interested in birding after seeing my first Common Yellowthroat. Since relocating to Prescott Valley from Connecticut in 2020, I have become a more serious birder, thanks to the knowledge shared from many experienced PAS members. I’m happy to be part of the flock!"

Mary Trevor

Mary is a 30+ year resident of Prescott ("almost a native!"), and she has been a Prescott Audubon member since the 1990's.  With her strong background in college administration, Mary is a natural to chair our Scholarship Committee.  She claims to know just enough about birds, geology, trails, and camping to amaze and/or bore her friends. 

Ryan Crouse

Ryan has lived in Northern & Central Arizona for most of his life.  He has a lifelong connection with the landscape and wildlife of our beautiful state, so he joined the board of PAS in order to take an active role in its stewardship.  Ryan is the manager of Jay's Bird Barn, a retail shop devoted to celebrating birds and the world we share.  He is their "Binoculars Whisperer". 

Ryan is married with two sons.  By being a part of PAS, he hopes to help maintain the beautiful natural landscape we've all come to appreciate and love. 

Ellen Bashor

Ellen wears many hats, all "green".  As the inspiration behind the new Nature Ninos youth outdoors program and as the AZ Environmental Educator of the year (2020), Ellen shows her gift for teaching kids about the outdoors.  Outreach and community is her specialty, and everyone at PAS enjoys her energy and enthusiasm for all things environmental.  Ellen was honored with the International Environmental Education 30 Under 30 award in 2021. 
We can see why! 

Julie Rayda

Julie's interest in birding was inspired by her father when she was in her 20s.  She has been an amateur birder ever since.  Julie also enjoys hiking, fishing, book clubs and cooking.  She does her best to help out with the Prescott Audubon Website.