Ellen Bashor

Ellen wears many hats, all "green".  As the inspiration behind the new Nature Ninos youth outdoors program and as the AZ Environmental Educator of the year (2020), Ellen shows her gift for teaching kids about the outdoors.  Outreach and community is her specialty, and everyone at PAS enjoys her energy and enthusiasm for all things environmental.  Ellen was honored with the International Environmental Education 30 Under 30 award in 2021. 
We can see why! 

Sue D

For over 30 years, Sue has been an active part of the Audubon community.  With her background in nonprofit accounting, she has designed the reporting systems and managed tax compliance for two Audubon Chapters.  Sue also acted as board treasurer for HawkWatch International.  Recently, she's been working with Prescott City on bird habitat improvement projects.

Christina G

Christina is an Environmental Scientist in Bagdad and joined Prescott Audubon in 2021. She loves spending time hiking with her dogs.  Her favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher.  In addition to her science expertise, Christina manages much of our social media, communication, and outreach.  

Mary Trevor

Mary is a 30+ year resident of Prescott ("almost a native!"), and she has been a Prescott Audubon member since the 1990's.  With her strong background in college administration, Mary is a natural to chair our Scholarship Committee.  She claims to know just enough about birds, geology, trails, and camping to amaze and/or bore her friends.