Seeking some scholarship support? Our scholarship coordinators have encouraging words for you, below.  So - read on, please. We hope you'll be inspired to apply. 

Our Scholarship Profile:  Who, What, Where, and When

Do you know a college student who is passionate about the environment and about contributing to environmental conservation? Are they currently a degree-seeking undergraduate student enrolled at a  college operating in Yavapai or Mohave County? Or maybe you yourself fit this profile. The Prescott Audubon Society’s scholarship committee will begin accepting applications for the 2025 cycle of the annual Environmental Scholarship on October 1, 2024.  Interested undergraduate students will find the online application, eligibility details, and criteria for selection on the Prescott Audubon Society website page entitled "Scholarships & Youth" [link below] . Applicants do not have to be majoring in environmental science. One past awardee was getting a Bachelor’s degree in Global Security, and his project focused on water conservation in the Middle East. Another awardee pursued an Associate’s degree in Oenology and worked on recycling the waste from crushed grapes.  Yet another recipient who received a degree in Cultural and Regional Studies, engaged Native American students in conservation efforts along the Colorado River system. The message is: The environment is everyone’s responsibility, and ideas for protecting it come from all segments of the world’s populations. So, please pass the word.